About us

Slawomir and Stephan have already realized a large solo exhibition together. This water-themed audiovisual show was presented as "Come to Bath / Let's Have a Bath" in autumn 2016 at Wassergalerie in Berlin, Germany. In the current collaboration "Almost Alive", which will be shown during the this year gallery weekend at gallery Im Leeren Raum in Berlin-Schöneberg in April of this year, Slawomir's photographies, sound and video work will be combined with installations and objects by Stephan. All works are part of the big project "The Puppenhaus". Most of the works were created for this exhibition and will be shown for the first time.

Slawomir Cap works as a sound engineer in Berlin. In addition to working with sound he uses photography as his artistic means of expression. His sound collages are based on quadrophonic or surround sound, so the listener stands in the artwork and is literally completely surrounded. Bringing pictures and sound together is an extraordinary experience, because of the different and new effect, that the single ingredients do not have by themself. - https://www.slawomircap.com

Stephan Reichmann lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig. He increasingly uses dolls in his work, which he usually discovers and “rescued” on the various flea markets of Berlin. With a stock of currently around 800 mannequins, Barbies, baby dolls and cartoon characters from the 1940s to today, the artist tells of the very big, existential and the small, everyday issues of life. In addition to installations, photographic works and object art he also does large-format, over-painted digital collages. Most recently, in the summer of last year, he was invited to the exhibition of the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. - https://www.stephanreichmann.com